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The Real Reason You're Still Not Fluent in Spanish:

You've worked so hard on Spanish. You feel like you've tried everything. But your conversational skills don't seem to be getting any better.

See if you can relate to any of the following:

  • "No matter how much I study, I still can't understand the Spanish speakers around me."
  • "How is it that I can learn hundreds of words but still can't use them fluidly when I speak?"
  • "Every holiday with my in-laws is the same: I feel outside the circle, hearing everyone else speaking Spanish. I feel like I'm missing out on the important moments.”
  • "It isn't fair that I've put in so much work but still get asked when I'll finally learn Spanish."

Does this sound familiar?

If you feel like you're spinning your wheels, working hard but never getting any closer to fluency... you're not alone. In fact, MOST people who try to learn Spanish never end up having real conversations that flow naturally.

Just like all of our students, you want Spanish to be your second language. You want to speak Spanish with the same confidence that you speak English. But you're hitting some very discouraging roadblocks:

  • When you speak, you feel like you're just piecing words together slowly. As soon as you hit a difficult verb, your whole train of thought bogs down as you try to remember the right conjugation to use. Your sentences don't flow.
  • You're not hearing Spanish the way you hear English. Instead you pick up a word here or there, try to interpret it, and then get stuck. Worse, you have to ask your Spanish-speaking friends to slow down and repeat themselves.
  • The more you learn, the more complicated Spanish feels. Every new verb comes with new rules and exceptions to rules that you never knew existed– not to mention all the sentence structures, prepositions, pronouns, and idioms. It feels like it will never get any easier.

And THAT is the trap!

The discouragement of sitting down and trying to make progress, only to come face to face with just how much you don't know... It can be paralyzing.

In fact, we've met thousands of students who went through these same things. Just like you, they were unable to speak Spanish. Unable to understand native speakers. Unable to see any real progress toward fluency.

Here's The Way Forward.

Good news: You CAN get from where you are to fluency. You CAN start speaking confidently and understanding Spanish on the fly.

We've proven it with thousands of students.

Our highly-qualified team of native-speaking coaches have consistently brought new students to fluency every month since 2014. Over the last seven years, we've learned that there are three things you need to do to achieve Spanish fluency:

  • Speak every day — not alone, but with the guidance of a native-speaking coach who will gently correct your mistakes.
  • Practice listening to Spanish at YOUR level, getting a little bit better at it every day.
  • Make consistent, step-by-step progress that moves you forward instead of backward, with the help of a native speaker who knows exactly what you need next.

There's a proven process. And now, it's ALL included in one focused, comprehensive program.

Timothy Moser, creator of LearnCraft Spanish.

We've Helped Thousands of Students Just Like You Become Fluent in Spanish.

Talking Fluently with the In-Laws

Even though Bill was married to a native speaker, he couldn't speak more than a few words in Spanish. After taking our course, he become fluent enough to develop a relationship with his in-laws, entirely in Spanish.

Speaking Spanish with No Fear

For the longest time, Sarah wouldn’t dare jump into a Spanish conversation because she was afraid she would just embarrass herself. Now, thanks to the LearnCraft Spanish coaching course, she travels Latin America and speaks fluently and fearlessly.

Native-Speaking Girlfriend? No Problem.

Despite dating a native speaker, Kyle couldn't speak Spanish — until taking the LearnCraft Spanish coaching program. Now he strikes up conversations with anyone he meets and speaks Spanish effortlessly.

What Would Your Life Be Like If You Could Achieve Every One of Your Spanish Goals?

Most Spanish learners don't have a plan. And without a plan, you don't know what to practice every day. You don't know if you're moving forward or backward.

But WITH a plan, you can confidently take the next step, and the next step, all the way to fluency. If you speak as much as possible in Spanish, with the guidance of native speakers, you'll become fluent. You'll speak confidently face-to-face with the Spanish speakers in your life. You'll UNDERSTAND them when they speak, instead of just guessing based on a few words here and there.

What if your whole roadmap to Spanish mastery was laid out for you? What if you could KNOW that if you follow the roadmap, you will become fluent...

Great news: We have the roadmap.

How a Spanish Coach Will Lead You To Fluency:

1. Consistent Progress.

Right now, you're using lots of different Spanish resources to make tiny, bite-sized progress here and there. But every step forward feels like two steps backward.

What if you can actually use all the Spanish you learn, in real conversations? What if every time you learn something, you can actually USE it in real life, with the help of a native-speaking coach?

Picture yourself permanently remembering everything you learn in Spanish. Imagine making incremental improvements every day, without ever moving backwards. You'll become a fluent Spanish speaker.

2. Speaking Every Day.

If you want to be fluent in Spanish, you need to speak out loud as often as possible, and you need to do it with the guidance of native speakers.

You probably know that if you don't practice out loud, your Spanish sentences will never flow fluidly. Instead, you'll piece together sentences one... word... at... a... time. You'll never become fluent.

But what you might not realize is that practicing Spanish on your own can be just as bad! It's like trying to do strength training without a coach: You can damage your muscles if you're doing it wrong. If you're speaking Spanish wrong, you can develop some bad habits that will take a long time to break. DON'T make this mistake. Instead, get a trusted coach who will gently correct your errors and practice correct Spanish with you. If you do, you'll become fluent.

3. Listening Practice.

If you practice Spanish listening every day, specifically with Spanish materials that are right at your level, your comprehension will get better and better.

Believe it or not, trying to listen to Spanish that's beyond your current skill level can actually be BAD for your comprehension skills. It's more important to practice right at your own level, getting incrementally better every day.

Do this, and you'll soon be able to understand most of what Spanish speakers are saying. If you don't, you may never end up being able to understand native speakers.

Your Perfect Spanish Journey

This is what your life looks like as an LearnCraft Spanish coaching student.


Everything in Spanish "Clicks."

Spanish makes perfect logical sense. Every new word you learn is easy to use. Grammar isn't an obstacle. You're thinking in Spanish, almost effortlessly.


You Talk With Spanish Speakers All The Time.

Fear is no longer a factor — Since you're having Spanish conversations all the time, your confidence grows day by day. Speaking Spanish becomes second nature.


You've Mastered Spanish Listening.

You don't just catch words here or there. You understand what's being said, all the time. By starting within your comfort zone and growing slowly from there, your listening ability expands to hour-long conversations entirely in Spanish.

Yes, I Want Spanish Coaching!




A step-by-step study plan to get you to full fluency in Spanish.


Dedicated support from one of our expert native-speaking coaches, at every step. This includes message support, voice recordings, feedback on your homework, and personalized assignments based on your needs..


Get personalized, face-to-face coaching from an expert, native-speaking coach for every week. In addition, you'll get a bonus of 2 meetings in small student groups with a coach every week.


You can request a refund for any reason if you're not 100% satisfied.


Is there any guarantee this will work?

Yes. It has worked for hundreds of students, and it will work for you. If you do the work, you will make the fastest progress on Spanish that you've ever made. You'll be having hour-long conversations in a matter of months, or even weeks. You'll become fluent.

How much coaching do I get?

Our private coaching includes 1 hour of dedicated, one-on-one time every week. Your coach will also be available for support throughout the week via message support, voice recordings, and feedback on your homework.

In addition, we will give you extra meeting times for practice in small groups, with a coach, twice a week (for a total of 3 hours of face-to-face practice time).

In some cases, students may add another hour of one-on-one coaching every week, which requires approval — we've found that for the vast majority of students, 1 hour of private coaching plus 2 hours of group coaching, in addition to personalized daily assignments, is more than enough to achieve fluency very quickly.

How long will it take for me to become fluent?

Your mileage will vary. If you work hard at it, you can definitely become fluent in less than a year. In extreme cases, we've proven that you can go from zero to fluent in 2 months! But most of our students who do all the work reach their fluency goals in about 6 months.

How much time should I devote to this?

For best results, we recommend devoting about 1.5 or 2 hours a day (about 5 days a week). If you only have 1 hour a day, that's fine, it will just take you a bit longer to get to fluency (probably more like 9 months rather than 6 months). Remember, you're trading this for a lifetime of Spanish fluency. That's worth it!

Who is my coach going to be?

All of our coaches are highly-qualified native speaking linguistic coaches, from several different Spanish-speaking countries. Your own coach will be someone who comes HIGHLY recommended, who has worked with our students and knows our methods, and who has an incredible track record of turning English speakers into fluent Spanish speakers!

How does the guarantee work?

At any time, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can ask for a refund of your last payment. We will be very sad not to see your Spanish transformation! — but we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Make the Best Spanish Decision of Your Life.

Join us and we'll coach you to fluency.

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